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As a Game Developer I'm a highly experienced Senior Artist who has experience leading teams of artists ranging from junior to senior level. Over the duration of my career I have developed an expert understanding of game development pipelines, and I’m always on the lookout to update and refine as new hardware and paradigms are introduced. I also have experience managing outsource teams on multiple projects, this included defining the external asset pipeline with a focus on creating detailed briefs and keeping detailed spreadsheets pertaining to hundreds of outsourced assets. I was able to foster good relations with our vendors by being the face of the company by providing support via written and visual communication as well as onsite visits. This resulted in the projects being completed on time and within budget.

 I have developed games for consoles going back as far as Dreamcast and ps2 and all the way up to current PS4 & Xbox consoles, PC and Mobile, I have vast experience developing for VR hardware using both Unity and Unreal engines on PSVR, VIVE, Oculus and mobile hardware such as Gear VR and Google Daydream, I have also managed small teams of artists with experience ranging from junior to senior, I am able to look at strengths and delegate work accordingly. 


As an artist, my goal is to create beautiful art to be used in videogames. My main aim whilst working within every team is to improve the efficiency of production and ensure seamless functionality. I strive to push my creative boundaries and inspire those around me and continue to learn and educate myself in new techniques and processes which I can introduce into my own art pipeline. I am very good working on ground zero amongst my peers and pride myself on my organisational and problem solving skills, whilst working effectively to the time constraints of the development cycle.

I'm an avid gamer and stay in touch with the latest game releases, a couple of games in my rotation at the moment are Half Life Alyx, Destiny 2, Need for Speed Heat, Sayonara Wild Hearts, and I still regularly play REZ and Burnout Revenge/Paradise. 

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