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Sony London Studio

Currently employed as a Senior Artist 


Sony London Studio is primarily a VR focused studio


  • Blood & Truth - PSVR

Over the duration of the project & through the production of Blood and Truth, I lead the environment art effort for the driving levels in our game,


To give you some insight into the driving levels within the title, all up we created 3 distinct levels, The opening driving level is a desert escape mission that takes place after a rescue mission. the other 2 driving levels take place on the motorways on inner London, culminating into an epic chase to an airport where you jump onto a moving cargo plane.


I was responsible for delivering the 3 levels as an internal effort with only minimum OS support towards the end of development on the desert escape mission for prop dressing and to tie up some bookend prop dressings.

The levels were constructed as sets of modular tiles that i created in World Machine, then moved them over to Maya to add the road surface and used various blend shaders to texture the tiles. The tiles were then propagated along road splines that were defined by the design team and developed by our technical director. I was also responsible to creating all the roadside props within the driving sections, this included the creation of props sets based on London Buildings and motorway dressing props like, Signage, Barriers, Bridges & underpasses, Fencing, Traffic cones etc.


Around midway through development we had a Junior artist come on board to assist finalising driving as my wife was heavily pregnant with our son. Our Junior Artist Nathan Doye did an amazing job picking up the torch and helped develop out some of the bookends and supplied additional buildings and vista props. Elouan Harmand was our resident Substance Designer Guru and many of the substances were developed by him. 

Early on in production I also assisted on the hanger level by creating the internal building structure and some prop elements related to the movable gantrys and security rooms. I also developed the high detail greyboxes for the player vehicles which included the desert pickup, sports car & APC, as well as some of the weapon models and the interrogation room which were then finalized by our partners.


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