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3D Printed Model Photography - Captured on a Canon 5D mark IV

3D Printing Project

Vainian Hotrod reproduction

2020 has been the year for trying something new, Back in January I purchased a creality Ender 3d printer with the intention of bringing forward some of my creations into the real world.  


Since February i have been working up one of my older vehicle models that i originally created back in good old 2007.  The Vainian Hotrod model was one those models that you create but never finished and wanted to. So i pulled the model out of the archive, and proceeded to work it back up to the way it was intended to be. Its interesting as my current printer setup has really influenced scale and form decisions in regards to the overall design, as I'm printing using an E3D 0.4 nozzle and printing at 0.12 layer height. There has been a lot of back and forwards between modelling package and printer, and i usually end up printing out many prototypes to develop parts so they are fit for purpose and hold up visually when printing has resolved.


From the printer standpoint It's been a learning experience as the printer came in as a box of parts, so assembly was required to get it running, not to mention trying to understand printing principles. There is a lot to get your head around when learning how to print efficiently, So researching best practices for bed leveling, Flow rates and Esteps has been time consuming. 

I have also recently purchased a resin printer to bolster my setup, which will be useful to help print some of the smaller parts as the resin printer can print at smaller tolerances. So looking forward to my learning journey with that piece of kit. 



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