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I was employed as a Senior Artist at NDreams


NDreams is a VR focused studio


  • The Assembly - PC, PS4, XBOX 0ne

I was responsible for working on 4 of the levels in the game, this included full level and prop construction & lighting each level, in all created 200 plus unique props using current standard asset creation pipeline, additionally I was charged with overseeing that all levels ran to technical limitations, which included scene management & over looking shader & texture pipeline

  • Danger Goat - Google Daydream

  • Launch title

I came on-board this project to finalise development, which included hand painting skydomes as well as creating the Tundra levels, tundra consisted of 8 unique levels which were also hand painted in the style set by the art director 

  • Perfect Beach - Gear VR

I came onboard to redevelop the art/visual language from the ground up, the project had been in development for some time and I was charged with delivering the total reconstruction of the art in a month whilst also adhering to the technical limitations to the Samsung hardware. additionally to constructing the two compositions, along side the graphics programmer I pushed the water forward from the previous iteration


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